Force / Pressure in gas spring

The force is very important for the gas spring, it is who determine the good working (or not) of your application. You will find her in the most case with the reference on the body (the tube) of the gas spring, it will be composed of 3 or 4 numbers followed with a "N" (example: 400N).

If it is not the case then you must calculate it. It is imperative to know the force in order to command on our website because we fill the gas spring on demand. For information 10N represent approximatively a thrust of 1 kilo, be careful the weight of the application alone don't suffice for determine the force.

You must pay attention at the rod diameter of the gas spring when you choose the force, this choice must be suit with the force possible of our gas spring (minimal and maximal).

You can calculate the force of the gas spring  here.

If you didn't understand our references please go check this page.

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