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A breakdown of the composition of our references is as follows:


The references are on our site have been created specifically for the web, in fact they normally appear as: 1000500D8 (reference example).

The first three digits represent the spring stroke, the next four represent the force of the spring, if there is a D this means that the spring has a welded eye and if there is a VD this means that the spring has a threaded rod. Finally, the numbers after the D represent the diameter of the spring rod. In our example the rod has a 100mm stroke, a 500N force with welded eye and a 8mm rod diameter.

On our website the references appear like this: ST 100 + F1 + D8.

The explanation is the same except the F1, which is a unit of measurement and should be replaced with the desired force (in Newtons).

We have chosen this system because we inflate the springs upon request.

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