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The unique identifier FR260048_01TCQQ, assigned by Ademe certifies the registration of the company BERTHOLD MARX (Siret code 568 504 013 00042) in the register of packaging producers in accordance with article L.541-10-13 of the Code of the environment.


The warranty on our products exclusively covers exchanges and can in no way be deemed as covering replacement cost or other costs related to replacement. Any claim made on the conformity of the products, excluding any claim related to delivery, must be made ??by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within five days of delivery.

No return of goods will be accepted except in cases where expressly authorised in writing by BERTHOLD MARX. In this case, the goods shall be shipped at the Buyer's risk and shall be sent FOB in their original packaging, in perfect condition and accompanied by the return document provided by us. The value of all accepted returns shall be 40% of the amount invoiced excl. VAT and shall only give rise to the issuing of a credit note.

Studies and recommendations are given for information purposes only and cannot be regarded as the object of the sale. As such, they will in no way engage the liability of BERTHOLD MARX. In any event, the buyer shall be responsible for confirming the studies and recommendations through its research department, or customer, or other qualified professional supplier.

The delivery times indicated on the documents issued by BERTHOLD MARX are for information purposes only and may in no way engage the liability of our company.

In case of non-collection or refusal to accept delivery of goods manufactured or specially commissioned for the buyer, within eight days after notification by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the buyer shall remain liable for the full sales price and all related costs of the goods.

A gas spring is not a security feature.

Our goods, even when sold "FOB", are shipped at the buyer's risk. Special delivery methods can be arranged with our customers. Please check the weight of the parcel on arrival. We accept no liability for missing items or breakage caused during shipment if complaints or claims have not been made ??to the carrier upon receipt of the goods.

By express agreement, failure to pay for our goods by the agreed deadline shall result in all sums due becoming immediately payable, whatever the payment terms agreed in the request and, as a Penalty Clause, payment of compensation equal to 15% of the amounts due.

In accordance with Law No. 80335 of 12.05.1980, this sale shall not be complete until after payment of the full purchase price. The goods sold shall remain the property of the seller until such time as the purchase price is paid in full.

Payment : Standard payment on account is net 30 days after invoice date, other payment terms can be considered in line with the economic modernisation law (LME) in force. A 0.5% discount shall be applied for payments made within ten days. Upon application of the discount, the amount of recoverable VAT shall be reduced proportionately. Payment made after the deadline stated on the invoice and in accordance with Law No. 92-1442, 31.12.1992, shall incur a late fee at a rate equal to one and half times the legal rate of interest.

Non-payment by the buyer of a single fraction of the purchase price on the agreed dates and 8 days after a formal notice remained unsuccessful shall result in this sale being automatically cancelled if the seller so deems appropriate.

The same decision may be designated to an expert in order to assess the condition of the goods once returned and to determine their value; the accounts of the parties shall be settled on this basis, taking into account the damages incurred by the buyer to cancel the sale.

French law shall be the only applicable law. The courts and tribunals of Strasbourg shall have jurisdiction in the event of resolution of disputes.


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