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Our Berthold Marx gas springs

•       From the design to the realization of the parts, the product quality including an attractive price, is our Goal!

•       The gas springs do not require any particular maintenance.

•       The majority of our range is AVAILABLE on stock!

•       Our standard cylinders have the same extended lenght as the majority of our colleagues, therefore easily interchangeable. 

•       We aply of the majority our rods a QPQ treatment (nitriding) performed in our factory.

•       The bodies of our cylinders are coated with a black epoxy electrostatic paint for a better corrosion resistance. 

•       A large part of our end fiitings are electro-galvanized, or made of plastic, or Zamak (Zinc, Alu, Mn) providing a good corrosion resistance too.

•       We can manufacture the right size for you (strokes, total length, strength)

•       More than 100 end fittings and brackets available for optimal fixation.

•       As an option, a grease chamber can be integrated allowing positioning and storage in any position (horizontal application for example)

•       A deflation tool for valve cylinders, allowing to adjust the force precisely to your needs

•       The protective tube reduces the risk of mechanical or chemical damage.

•       A rod wiper to further protect the internal wear seal.

•       A locking tube to ensure the safety of a sash equipped with one or more gas springs.


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