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Go directly to the " Documents " section of our website. You must be logged in to access it.

The references on our site are those of our empty cylinders (without the force, we fill each gas spring on demand), the references of the finished products (filled) are composed as follows: ST 1000500D8 3223 (example of reference).
- The first 3 digits are the stroke, 
- The next 4 digits represent the force. If there is a V, it means that the gas spring is threaded (without end fittings). Otherwise it is a welded eyes gas spring.
- D represents the diameter of the rod. 
- The last 4 digits represent the filling date (week/year).

For our example the gas spring has a stroke of 100mm, a force of 500N with welded eyes, with a rod of diam 8mm and filled in week 32 of the year 2023.
* For the traction spring and dampers, the force is at the end of the reference.

On our website you will find them like this: ST 100+F1+D8.
The explanation is the same, F1 means the value of the force and should be replaced by the desired force (expressed in Newton).

We have chosen this system because we fill the gas springs on demand.
You can now search for the references on the grey labels on our gas springs via the search engine. During your research thank you not to enter the last 4 figures from date. (Example : 1000500D8 4116, becomes 1000500D8).

None, they are exactly the same product, only the name changes.

The compression gas spring is designed to push and regulate the speed in extanting direction. The gas spring rod is pushed forward by the gas. Example of applications : Floor hatch, food truck, car trunk/hood, machine housing...

The damper works like the compression gas spring. The damper includes an oil charge of 65% of the internal volume, wich allows a long damping zone during rod exit with a speed of only 0.1 m/s. The rod retraction is free. Example of applications : Damping of vertical openings ...

The traction spring works inversely to the compression gas spring. It is used to hold or pull mobile parts. Thetraction spring exerts a pulling force under the effect of the gas pressure. Example of applications: Lifting a trap door, lifting a ramp of TPMR vehicle... 

  1.    Using our configurator you can choose a gas spring from our standard stock to replace an existing gas spring.  

    You can choose :
    - The rod diameter
    - The stroke
    - The center to center length
    - The thread diameter
    - The type of end fittings (shape and material)
    - The material of the rod (steel or stainless steel)

  2. If you need a specific gas spring, go to the document, download our equivalence form, and sent to : info@bertholdmarx.com

By visiting our technical helpdesk tool, you will be guided through all the steps of the process so that our team of experts can suggest the right solution for you.

Go to the Force calculator page to determine the force of your gas spring.

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