Explanation on the composition of our references:

The references on our site are those of our empty cylinders (without the force, since inflated on demand), the references of the finished products (inflated) are composed as follows: 1000500D8 (example of reference).

The first three digits constitute the stroke of the cylinder, the next four represent the force of the cylinder if there is a D this means that the cylinder is in welded yoke and if there is a VD it means that the cylinder is in threaded rod, finally the numbers after the D represent the diameter of the cylinder rod. For our example, the jack has a stroke of 100mm, a force of 500N in a welded clevis with a rod of diam 8mm.

On our website you will find them like this: ST 100 + F1 + D8.

The explanation is the same except for the F1 which is a unit of measurement and which must be replaced by the desired force (expressed in Newton).

We chose this system because we inflate the cylinders on demand.

You can now search for the references present on the gray labels on our cylinders via the search engine (ignore the last 3-4 digits, example: 1000500D8 4116, becomes 1000500D8).

Learn more about the force?

Gas spring force / pressure

The force is very important in the gas spring, it is what will determine the good functioning (or not) of your application. You will find it in most cases with the reference on the cylinder body, it will consist of 3 or 4 digits followed by an N (example: 0400N). If this is not the case then it will have to be calculated. It is imperative to know the force to order on our site because we inflate the cylinders on demand. For information 10N represents approximately a push of 1 kilo, beware the weight of the application alone is not enough to determine a force!

Care must be taken when choosing the force for the diameter of the cylinder rod, that it is adapted to the possible force range (mini and maxi).

diagramme ang

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